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Members of 2018's WCCLE 4

A WCCLE, standing for Wyoming Catholic College Leadership Expedition is the name of one of the five or six groups of eight to twelve students into which incoming freshmen at Wyoming Catholic College are divided as they take part in the twenty-one day Freshman Expedition. Each WCCLE is numbered from 1 through 6 (1 through 3 typically being women, and 4 through 6 being groups of men) and travels together with three or four instructors, either upperclassmen Outdoor Leader or professional instructors for the school's Outdoor Leadership Program or COR Expeditions.

Typically roommates or those in the same dormitory are placed together in the same WCCLE for the expedition, making the expedition a "getting to know" and bonding experience for all those involved with those with whom they will be together with for the rest of the year.