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Wonder is an emotion the experience and augmentation of which within the hear and the soul of the student is deeply at the center of the Wyoming Catholic College curriculum. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, wonder or "miror" occurs when one sees an effect or effects without full knowledge of the cause but nevertheless feels an interior motion of the self towards that cause as the object of desire. This love accompanied by a lack of perfect knowledge is usually associated with things of God, or more generally, those things above man, those that participate in The Real and by their participation lead the one who perceives and is drawn toward them actually towards God.

WCC and Wonder

Wyoming Catholic College's Mission Statement: "Born in wonder, brought to wisdom" highlights the importance of wonder to their formative goal for each student. WCC aims through methods of classroom instruction, materials used (i.e. the Great Books), and experiences and adventures in the world through the Experiential Leadership Curriculum, to force each student to experience the emotion of wonder if they have not experienced it before and to augment and strengthen it as an ever-present desire if a student has experienced that emotion before.

It is sometimes purported by students, however, that the experience of wonder, which they nearly all feel in a powerful and potent way during their Freshman Expedition, may appear to be somewhat lacking or thought of by instructors as less important in later years and especially in Outdoor Week week-long trips.