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One of work-study's ubiquitous timesheets for recording hours worked.

Work-study is a form of financial aid offered at Wyoming Catholic College whereby students can work around 10-11 hours a week in areas such as food service, grounds keeping and maintenance, library, and administrative and faculty offices. During an academic year, a student on work-study will work ten hours per week for 30 weeks earning usually $10 per hour worked. For this work, a maximum of $3,000 per year is credited against room and board. It is the student’s responsibility to work the required hours and meet the work-study amount credited as financial aid to the student.


A student who has accepted aid in the form of work-study agrees to accept the work assignment given and to abide by the work schedule assigned. The work that students are assigned does not interfere with class times. A student’s failure to complete the weekly hours or to do the work adequately may result in disciplinary action, up to and including the loss of work-study financial aid. The student is responsible for repaying to the college any shortfall in the work-study credit amount provided in the financial package.

Students on work-study are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to agree not to divulge any sensitive info they may come across during their work.


Around 65% of students are on work-study at WCC. Incoming freshmen are typically assigned near randomly for their first year, but if other positions open up, students can request a transfer due to a different position, and, in later years, can put in their preferences as to positions/assignments, although ultimate decisions are up to the Student Life Office

For some departments, supervisors are chosen from the more experienced students who have worked in that department before to manage and direct other students working there. Supervisors make an additional $2 ($12 per hour) and thus only "have" to work 125 hours per semester to reach their $3,000 requirement. However, they often have to work extra hours, overage which can be credited against future tuition or school loans.

Here is a list of positions available for the 2020-2021 School Year: Work-Study Positions 2020-21


Kitchen positions include working Breakfast Crew, Dinner Crew, Saturday Crew, or Sunday Crew on a regular schedule, cooking donuts and pastries forCrux Coffee on a rotating morning schedule (Bake Crew), or special administrative and assistance jobs to support the kitchen and overall dining supervisor Bruce Liu. About thirty-six students in total work in some element in or around the kitchen, the largest single area in work-study at WCC.


Janitorial work-study positions at Wyoming Catholic College clean and sanitize buildings, and restocking bathroom supplies across school campus buildings and the Holy Rosary parish buildings. Student employees in this division report to Mrs. Gribowskas and Joseph McMahon.

Super Flex[edit]

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The Super-Flex Super Team at Wyoming Catholic College is a maintenance and upkeep team for the school run by Mike Sheehan and work-study students during the school year. Wth a staff typically of six, they inspect and service the school's fleet of vehicles, stock supplies around campus, repair and replace damaged equipment across campus, move furniture, shovel and remove snow in the winter and lock-up buildings across campus each night, a function for which they are sometimes known as WCC Security.


The Alpha Recreation Center, or ARC as it is typically referred to hosts an agreement with Wyoming Catholic College such that some student work-study employees work for them. Typically shifts are either on Saturdays or evenings, and include cleaning, set up, and (coming soon) belaying customers for their climbing wall.

Crux Coffee[edit]

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Several students work making drinks and serving food at the school-owned Crux Coffee shop. Rather than using the infamous time-sheets, hours here are, rather uniquely, recorded electronically.

Outdoor Leadership Program[edit]

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Several students, mainly upperclassmen, and preferredly those who have completed Leader Week can work in various organizational ways to assist the Outdoor Leadership Program. These can include gear rental and management, trip planning, gear repair and training other student in outdoor skills.


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The school's current St. Jerome Library, located within the Baldwin Building hosts eleven-thousand volumes, and is primarily managed and run by senior Peter Tardiff.


Other positions including helping with the horsemanship program on the school ranch, assisting professors with various administrative tasks, working to help admissions, the financial office, and the advancement office.


Main Article: WCC Workforce

Upperclassmen can work WCC Workforce to meet Work-Study obligations which entails working in some other capacity for some other business somewhere in the Lander, Wyoming community and paying the school out of these earnings for any financial shortfall in one's financial plan with the school.


That students are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to agree not to divulge any sensitive info they may come across during their work is suspicious to some commentators, who speculate about what might constitute sensitive data and if such data could be part of the increasingly well-known WCC/Lander Conspiracy.