Wyoming Catholic College Student Handbook

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The Student Handbook at Wyoming Catholic College is the guide to the rules and regulations that every student at the school must follow. It also contains other bits of explanatory information about the college community, its goals, and certain other expectations and requirements of the school and students in the relationship of each to the other. It is produced by the Student Life Office which typically updates and inserts new rules, modifications to existing rules, and clarifications at the beginning of each academic year.

Students are said to have won eternal glory within the community, if, because of actions they have undertaken, a new rule must be added to the next year's edition of the handbook. Famously intriguing rules that have been added since the college's inception include:

  • A ban on poster boards larger than 48 inches in dormitories
  • Cars banned inside Frassati Hall
  • Horses also banned in Frassati
  • Napalm banned in the dorms
  • Blanket ban on roof-hopping

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