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The logo of COR, "Catholic Outdoor Retreat"

COR Expeditions is the external outreach arm of Wyoming Catholic College's Outdoor Leadership Program. Offering open-enrollment and custom trips to high-schools, colleges, seminaries, youth groups, families, and more, COR Expeditions brings Catholic outdoor experiential education to everyone. COR is similiar to and often compared with National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), which is headquartered just across the street from it, but brings the Catholic faith officially into everything it does. COR Expeditions is headed by experienced professionals Dr. Thomas Zimmer and Kristin Anderson along with help from COR Missionaries Karl Eby, Paul Milligan, and others.


Since the school's inception, it has always offered outdoor adventures to its students in some capacity, but gear, planning, and operations were initially outsourced to first the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and, partially, the Christian organization, LeadBridge. Under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Zimmer and Kristin Anderson, however, the programs were brought in house fully in 2016. Under the brand title of COR Expeditions, the school that year began offering external programs targeted to other Catholic organizations such as colleges, high schools, and seminaries.

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