Class of 2021

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The Class of 2021 in August 2017 just prior to their Freshman Expedition

The Class of 2021 at Wyoming Catholic College comprises forty-seven full-time undergraduate members as of May 2020. They are the class, according to a recent survey, most devoted to the philosophical tradition at WCC and discussion of the "experience of the real" qua real.


Members of the Class of 2021 began their studies at Wyoming Catholic in a major turning point for the school, with the largest business and property expansion of the school just undergone and the full development of the Outdoor Leadership Program allowed all outdoor trips to be brought fully in house.

Demographics & Statistics

The Class of 2021 is nearly exactly balanced between men and women, both now and as it was at its inception. They were originally the largest class ever to enter WCC with a total of fifty-nine enrolling freshmen but their present size of forty-seven students still leaves them as the second-largest class at WCC because whilst they have lost more students than any other class they have also gained an abnormally large amount of students as well.